Target participants

Museums and cultural associations managers and employees, touristic guides, local touristic agencies, students in arts, history, sports and tourism, local communities and population.

The participation in the survey is 100% voluntary, and can not give place for any payment. The participation in the survey does not present any foreseeable risks or disadvantages for the involved volunteers. The survey will last 10-15 minutes. Data collected will be used by the project scientists only, and exclusively for research purposes. It will be kept on a hard disk, in a physically and technically secured environment. You have right to ask questions and withdraw yourself and your data from the project at any time without consequences. We commit ourselves to provide you a copy of the record of your interview (paper, written or video).

For any further questions about the research in the frame of this project, that can arise after the end of this survey, you can contact the project coordinator : Prof. Jan Borm,